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beFLÜGELt ("be inspired")

In the exhibition beFLUEGELt we would like to present the collection of Marianne Flügel, a textile teacher from Cologne, who has traveled her whole life, collecting various everyday textile objects using a wide variety of primary techniques, analyzing them and partially reworking them. These are mostly very archaic techniques ("primary textile techniques") that were used before weaving was invented and can usually be carried out without any major technical equipment. The wonderful, small collection of ethnographic samples and didactic preparations was handed over to the Textile Centre Haslach and is to be exhibited on a larger scale for the first time in 2023. It documents a "textile view" of the world and pays tribute to the many, mostly unnoticed little things that are often cleverly made and can actually "inspire" when you look at their inner structures and their special aesthetics.

Place: Special exhibition room of the Textile Center Haslach
Exact opening date and duration will be announced later.

In another exhibition we will show contemporary work by the Belgian weaver Esther Van Schuylenbergh, which is also influenced by primary textile structures. The jacquard fabrics, which are woven in the Textile Centre Haslach, take up the woven structures of historical or ethnographic objects, which have inspred to create new interpretations. Further details will follow.