Profile of the Association

In 1991 a group of textile enthusiasts got together with the vision of creating a platform for a contemporary discourse of various textile ambiances, and to promote an exchange between textile creators.

From the beginning an important issue has been to form a link with the long textile tradition of the Mühlviertel by means of a variety of events, and also to bring new impulses to the region. On the one hand the intention was to form a link between art and the local industry, on the other hand to instigate a process of discussion about the value of things textile in the population by various initiatives and textile installations in the public space. There were also several initiatives trying to restore the historical connections with Southern Bohemia.

From the beginning it was the aim of the initiators that the focus be the weaving with the hand loom – against the zeitgeist and its craving for speed. In order to liberate this often neglected art from its dusty image, there were a lot of initiatives and courses that show the public the innumerable possibilities of weaving. Due to the increasing demand, the course programme reached a considerable size in the course of the years, teaching manifold textile techniques and modes of creation.

For its comprehensive work the association of TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH has been recognised several times, e.g. in 1994 with the minor Cultural Distinction of the Province of Upper Austria for initiative cultural work and in 2001 with the major Cultural Distinction of the Province of Upper Austria. The association has also been awarded the seal of quality of the EB-Forum of Upper Austria for the excellent execution of the courses.

When the Textile Centre Haslach was opened in 2012 on the premises of the former textile factory Vonwiller; many of the goals the association had aimed for over more than 20 years became concrete reality. Since then TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH does not only happen in the summer, there is permanent workshop space that can be used all the year round. Through the synergy of several partners the Textile Centre Haslach has many opportunities for development in the future, which contribute to a constant sharpening of the profile of our association.