Textile Centre Haslach

The Textile Centre Haslach is a cooperation of five partners that are housed under the roof of the historical building of a former textile mill who jointly carry on spinning the thread of the textile tradition of the Mühlviertel. Their respective focusses are different, but a multitude of synergies occurs between museum, production, training and art.

The Textile Centre Haslach consists of the following partners:

  • The Museum of Weaving Haslach
    The museum has a tradition of more than 40 years, and documents the regional history of weaving by means of impressive objects. In 2012 it was moved to the Textile Centre Haslach and was completely reorganised along the lines of modern thinking. A textile archive was installed which is a treasure trove of historical sample books, specialized literature, old needlework, traditional costumes and weaves.
  • Textile Kultur Haslach
    The association of TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH has its own workshop facilities where courses and special exhibitions can be held all the year round.
  • Manufaktur Haslach. alom wool
    Manufaktur Haslach is a socio-economic enterprise which specialises in processing regional sheep’s wool into  yarns, cloths and felted products under the brand name of „alom wolle”. As a partner in the Textile Centre Haslach the manufacture opens lets visitors have a glimpse at the manufacturing process of textile products. www.manufaktur-haslach.at
  • Shuttle – Course for the Innovative Culture of Weaving
    In cooperation with Kunstuniversität Linz we offer the new university course „Shuttle” which covers the interface between art and design on the one hand and machine production and industry on the other. Participants work on the modern power looms of the former Textile College of Haslach. www.ufg.ac.at/shuttle
  • Weberie
    The Weberie is a creative space for the development of high-quality weaves and textile concepts in small series. On the one hand a small product line is turned out on the power looms of the former Textile College of Haslach for the shops in the house, on the other hand the infrastructure is at disposal for external projects and co-operations.

As an open house the Textile Centre Haslach gives visitors the chance to delve into the historical and current time textile producing and creating processes, and get a glimpse of complex textile correlations in this exceptional ambience. Specialists will find a lively network and a contact point for specific textile requests.

Home to the Textile Centre Haslach is the building of the erstwhile weaving mills of Vonwiller and Obermüller who played an important role in Haslach’s textile past. After the factories had closed down, the extensive building complex was purchased by the municipality and thoroughly renovated and revitalised with funds from the Provincial Government and the EU. Apart from the Textile Centre Haslach there are other institutions in the building such as the Museum of Music Automata , event halls, the Music School, a restaurant as well as several companies and social bodies.


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